We are a Family owned and operated specialist provider of Sydney metropolitan Traffic Management Planning and Traffic Control Services.

Our Head Office and Depot is based in Sydney NSW. We service the Sydney metropolitan and greater Sydney areas.

We strive to provide turn key solutions for all traffic management requirements: from the identification of your traffic control needs and job hazard analysis, to traffic management planning and implementation, whatever the need may be.
We are committed to providing and promoting a safety-oriented service which ensures the safety of our traffic control staff, our clients staff and the general public. This is our number one priority.

“Safety is our Number One priority!”

Traffic Management.

We offer traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control as a complete solution to service our clients. In order for us to effectively deliver these services, we must actively develop key relationships with all parts of the traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control community such as :

  • RMS and State road Authorities
  • Municipal Councils
  • Emergency Services
  • STA and Transport for NSW
  • Unions
  • Suppliers and more…

Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

Traffic management plans (TMP) are an integral part in the delivery of traffic management and traffic control services. As traffic flow increases, so does congestion and therefore the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Traffic management plans (TMP) are a critical tool to any traffic management site. It identifies key areas of concerns, distances, site specific information and more.

Traffic management plans should consist the following as a minimum :
correct geometric layout of the site (showing traffic lanes, islands, medians, side roads, service roads, pedestrian operated signals, etc) set up according to AS 1742.3 (2009).

Traffic Control Plan (TCP).

Councils and roads authorities require professionally prepared traffic control plans (TCP). These plans are normally required before the council or state road authority issue assessments and permits to work on the road (state authorities across Australia can vary in their requirements).

We can design temporary traffic control plans (TCP) to suit all your traffic management needs, ranging from short-term to long-term projects. This ensures safety and efficiency for you, your job site and the general public.

All plans are drawn in accordance with AS 1742.3 (2009) and the RMS Traffic Control at Worksites Manual (TCWS Manual).

Traffic Planning.

Traffic planning and traffic control are essential to working effectively on the road. The traffic control permit establishes the link to working legally on the road. You can no longer work in the street without a traffic control permit. Councils, state road authorities and WorkSafe inspectors will shut down jobs, issue PIN notices and levy fines against any contractor that does not hold a traffic control permit.

We will handle all required traffic control permits with the relevant authorities as part of our total traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control service.

Key Features of our traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control services :

  • 24hrs a day, on-call service.
  • Fully supported systems to ensure processes and procedures are followed.
  • ‘Turn Key Solution’ for all traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control needs.
  • Traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control on a state coverage.
  • Competitive business solution – communication, support, relationships.

Our services include :

  • Professional traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control.
  • Fully accredited and experienced traffic team leaders, team supervisors and traffic controllers.
  • OH&S traffic controller accreditation (red card, yellow card and blue card).
  • Pre-start check list – all equipment.
  • Site inspection.
  • Hazard analysis.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Design, implementation and submission of traffic management plans (TMP) for permit approval to various state road
  •     authorities and councils.
  • Traffic management plan (TMP) amendments.
  • Design, implementation and submission of traffic control plans (TCP) for permit approval for temporary traffic control, in
  •     accordance with relevant state and national codes.
  • Apply traffic control plans.
  • Traffic control equipment hire – utes, variable message sign (VMS) boards, arrow boards, Portable traffic signal lights,
  •     barrier boards & water filled barriers etc.

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